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Shaved head pigments

Gives a 'Shaved Look' Effect These pigments were developed for permanently shaved heads To understand pigments for shaved heads, you need to observe the appearance of a shaved beard. It doesn't matter what color the beard is; black / gray / brown / red, when a beard is shaved, the root of the beard is the same color. We cannot assess the color of the shaved beard when it is short, the root always has a gray / dark color. The color of the hair follicle. It is also important to understand that gray is the same color as black, less saturated. Diluted black turns gray. The same reaction when when part of the black pigment is ejected through the skin.
The Shaved Head Look pigments are 100% radiance free. These pigments do not contain glycerin. They cannot be mixed with pigments containing glycerin. Ecuri has 10 different shades of black for the shaved head look. All of these pigments have the same black pigments. Blue highlights are adjusted Numbers shown from 20 to 30 are equivalent to the amount of pigment


Razor pigment 24 - 10 ml

SKU: 00286
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